Advisor Announcement — Jimmy Chong

Aespada is thrilled to announce that we have added Jimmy Chong to our Advisory team.

Jimmy will be working closely with Aespada on marketing strategies for customer and supplier acquisitions to our AespadaSL platform. He will also be involved in helping us to create a renowned brand in the Construction Industry and Logistics Tech.

AespadaSL is an On-Demand Booking Platform for last mile delivery of Construction Material.

“Adding Jimmy to the team, will tremendously accelerate our position as the preferred Last Mile Delivery Partner for the Construction Industry in Singapore. We have no doubt that he will be an important catalyst for our next development phase.”

Jean Christophe Li, Aespada Co-Founder

Profile of Jimmy Chong

At a young age, Jimmy embarked on his journey across several industries in the Education, Telecommunication, Transportation Tech and Logistics Tech. He found his passion in the Technology space with the belief that the sharing economy is actually the future, “Uber/Grab for Bicycle & Van”.

His previous role was in the bicycle sharing industry, Mobike. He was their head of Marketing and Business Development, and has scaled their user acquisition from a 4 to 7 digits within a year. He led his team and secured business deals mounting to 6 digits within 6 months.

Prior to joining Mobike, he was headhunted by the CEO and Founder of a leading Logistics Tech startup to start the Singapore branch office, he was part of the pioneer team and the startup became a unicorn in 2019.

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