Aespada and Novade Connect Integration

The Objective of this integration between Aespada and Novade Connect is to create a seamless auto updating of task deliveries to construction sites.

The Integration includes AespadaDMS pulling data from Novade Activity Module for Users to schedule their deliveries by consolidating elements for each delivery and thereafter updating status of incoming deliveries such as the ‘Start’ and the ‘Completion’ of the delivery process on Novade Activity.

Benefits of Integration:

  1. Inventory Control of Material Deliveries.
  2. Record exact time of arrival of the Material Deliveries.
  3. Combining individual Elements into Delivery Batches for easy monitoring.
  4. Automatically updating ‘Start’ and ‘Completed’ task on Novade Activity.
  5. Delivery Batch’s QR Code Scanning to reduce processes and optimize time.
  6. Ability to track real time location of material deliveries.
  7. Ability to know ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) of materials on site.
  8. No more silos — easily transfer data between AespadaDMS and Novade platform.

Ideal for DfMA projects (PPVC/MET/MEP/PBU/Precast/Structural Steel) where Main Contractors are arranging and tracking thousands of individual units for delivery from fabrication yards to construction sites.





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